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We believe all events should be celebrated by a delicious dessert and a perfectly paired wine. Our desserts are carefully crafted with the best ingredients, each recipe and pairing carefully tested countless times until it's just right. Why? Because your special days are our special days. You trust us to be there for your weddings, showers, parties, and date nights. You deserve the best and we're here to

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The Sugar Vine

The Sugar Vine was born from a desire to bring wine and dessert lovers together in delicious harmony. Wine and dessert are almost always consumed in similar situations- weddings, parties, girls’ night out…They’re delectable indulgences on days we want to treat ourselves to something special and the first things someone shows up with when it’s time to celebrate. And yet, we’re told time and time again that you can’t pair them, that the flavors won’t work. So we’ve been forced to either drink nothing with our tasty treats or hide in a closet sipping a rich merlot and gulping down a chocolate brownie. Hide your desire for wine and dessert no longer! The Sugar Vine is here to celebrate the cookie butter and chardonnay lovers of the world, to cheer the sauvignon blanc and lemon tart enthusiasts. Come join us on our journey and see how you really can have your cake and your wine, too!

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Marques de Murrieta Rioja

Who wants to go to Spain?! While it’s usually overshadowed by Italy and France, Spain is a major wine producing country with vineyards all around the country. Rioja is a region in north central Spain that specializes in producing Tempranillo. In Rioja, more than 75%...

How to “Get Into” Wine

One of the most common questions I get is how to “get into” wine. There’s something about wine that’s intimidating to people. Maybe it’s the number of options in even a small wine section at the store, or the way a small group of people have made it seem like only sommeliers can select a good bottle. And I get it- before I started drinking wine I thought it was either gross or too expensive to get something good. It took several years and a lot of trial and error to learn what I like. I managed it, though, and you can, too.

Perfectly Patriotic Strawberry Tarts

Independence Day is almost here and I am making the best tarts to celebrate. Picture it: the filling from my old fashioned strawberry pie and the tart dough from my mom’s cherry tarts into one juicy, sweet, flaky, delicious dessert. Are you ready for it?

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