St. Patrick’s Day is next week, so it’s time to start thinking about all things green, lucky, and Irish.

  1. Make a delicious Irish apple cake:
  2. Have a glass of green colored wine: Unfortunately, wine doesn’t come in green naturally, but you can always drop a little food coloring in a glass of white wine and get the look
  3. Make your own shamrock shake- If you don’t want to stop by McDonald’s, try making this at home:
  4. Make homemade shamrock shaped gum drops:
  5. Have a rainbow cake- maybe there will be a pot-o-gold in the center!
  6. Speaking of a pot-o-gold…
  7. Make your classic Rice Krispy treats a little luckier:
  8. Got a favorite vanilla cake recipe? Add a few drops of food coloring to it (and the frosting) for an easy and yummy treat!
  9. It’s not easy to find Irish wine but you can always get wine in an Irish themed bottle:
  10. If you’re not into the green theme but still want to give a nod to the Irish, try making truffles with Irish whiskey:

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