America’s wineries are young compared to those in the rest of the world, but they have a rich, vibrant, and haunted history. Yes, there are wineries across the U.S. that are inhabited by ghostly beings! Some of the ghosts are benevolent presences that protect the wineries; others cause mischief by moving objects around and making messes. These are some of the most haunted wineries in the U.S.

Bartholomew Park Winery
Sonoma, CA
The Bartholomew Park Winery is built on land that once served as a women’s prison and hospital and housed a morgue, so it’s kind of a given that it would be haunted. The hospital closed in 1957 but ghost hunters have found evidence that spirits are still around. Some of the evidence includes rooms suddenly becoming ice cold, musical instruments playing, doors locking on their own, and objects being moved. Some people have reported hearing hymns and other songs in the cellars in the late afternoon and at night. The winery embraces its haunted past, occasionally hosting events with ghost hunters and psychics.

Crosstimbers Winery
Grapevine, TX
Several different ghost hunting groups have visited Crosstimbers Winery to search for paranormal activity in the house and barn on the property. While the house is old, the ghost story surrounding the house is not. It is thought that the ghost is a former owner who died of pneumonia while sleeping in the kitchen. Her daughters visited once and said they felt their mother patting their hair and could smell her perfume. There have also been stories of flashes of light in photographs, knocking on the front door when no one is there, and vibrating blinds. Ghost hunters have also found 12 spirits in the upper levels of the barn.

Korbel Champagne Cellars
Guerneville, CA
Korbel is a well-known name in American champagne, but the haunted champagne cellar is not as well-known. The winery served as inspiration and set for a movie about a haunted winery; it was directed by the son of one of the owners who had lived there as a child. One of the owners tells a story that a cook committed suicide in the attic in the 1880s, and there have been stories over the years of items being moved around the house and orbs of light floating around.

Miles Wine Cellars
Himrod, NY
Miles Wine Cellars has embraced the ghostly presence that lives in the house and has even named a wine Ghost in honor of the ones who live there. The owners have witnessed doors slamming and mist rising from the floor and flying through the house. An elderly woman who used to live in the house also told them that when she was a child a man and woman would come out of the walls to visit her. One of the owners has seen this couple on the front porch- the woman is in white and the man is in black. They believe this couple tragically died on the property.

Nehalem Bay Winery
Nehalem, OR
Nehalem Bay Winery was built on the site of a former creamery and cheese factory that was destroyed in a fire. It is thought that some people perished in the fire and now haunt the winery. Ghost hunters have reported being pushed into walls, something touching their hair, seeing shadowy figures, and feeling a strong breeze where there shouldn’t have been one. There have also been reports of photos with strange lights in them.

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