One of my favorite pairings is Snickers and Sauvignon Blanc. Yes, you read that right. The chocolatey, nougaty, gooey candy that satisfies; and the bright, refreshing, herbal wine beloved by wine drinkers around the globe make for a wonderful pairing. I discovered this completely by accident. I was relaxing on the couch after work one day with a glass of wine and craving something sweet. I happened to have Snickers in the house, so I grabbed one and took a bite, then had a sip of wine to wash it down. I was thoroughly surprised by the taste of the two together, so I tried it again. And again. And soon enough, the candy bar and the glass of wine were gone and I had a new love affair on my hands.

Sauvignon blanc is known for earthiness, medium to high acidity, herbal aromas, and light fruit flavors.  One reason this pairing works is that acid cuts sugar, so the wine makes the candy just a little less sweet. This allows the nuttiness in the Snickers to stand out, which pairs well with the earthy notes of the wine.

Another reason it works is the flavors aren’t competing with each other. The candy is bolder than the wine, so it retains the full complexity of flavors without the wine overpowering them. However, the wine doesn’t just fade away into the background. It tastes a little nuttier because of the Snickers, and the candy gets a light floral note that is very appealing.

One caveat I will add is to make sure you serve the wine at the right temperature. If it’s refrigerator cold, the flavors will be suppressed and you will get some harshness from the candy and wine together. However, if you thoroughly chill the wine and then leave it on the counter for a few minutes before pouring, it will warm slightly to the perfect temperature (45 degrees F) and you will be able to taste all the lovely flavors. I also recommend a full size Snickers instead of the fun size. There is more filling relative to the chocolate in the full size, so you have a lot more peanut and nougat taste with the wine. So go on, have a little fun with your pairings and let me know what you think!




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