Surprise! I know you don’t usually hear from me on Mondays, but I am thrilled to announce that from now on you will! The Sugar Vine is adding a 2nd weekly post to discuss all things WINE!  From now on you will receive one post from me every week about desserts and baking (and pairing suggestions) on Thursday just like you always have, and one post about wine on Mondays.

I decided to make this change because there are SO MANY things to discuss in the wine and dessert world that one post per week just wasn’t cutting it. This way we’ll be able to go more in-depth on these topics and answer all of your burning questions.

Here are some of the great things I have in store for you over the next few months:

  • The best reds for a summer day
  • Wine bar reviews
  • How to cool wine quickly
  • The truth- does the glass really matter to a casual drinker?
  • Interviews with winemakers
  • All about French, Italian, and Spain wines
  • How to decant wine (and really, does it help?)
  • And more!

I can’t wait to write to you more often and share more of this exciting world with you! As always, reach out to me with questions, comments, ideas, and your wine and dessert making successes! See you on Thursday with our next fresh and fruity August dessert and again next Monday with the summer reds feature!

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