We all know how frustrating it is to plan on having a nice, cold glass of wine but then realize that you don’t have anything in the refrigerator. It’s annoying whether you had a long day at work or you have guests coming over. When you open the fridge and don’t have a bottle of wine waiting, you have three choices: You can go without, stick a bottle in the fridge and wait, or you can switch to a room temperature red. No matter what, you either won’t be drinking the wine you wanted or you (and your guests) will be waiting awhile.

To rectify this, there are a number of wine chillers on the market that all claim to cool your wine quickly and painlessly. But do they really work? I mean, seriously, a cold bottle of wine in 5 minutes with no muss or fuss sounds too good to be true.

Well…it is. I tried four different options to chill wine quickly and every single one was a bust. The wine barely made it below room temperature in two different rounds of tests. So next time you see a plastic sleeve that promises to chill your bottle in 5 minutes and keep it cool for hours, just keep walking. The same goes for the stainless steel “ice cubes” that are just really awkward and messy to use anyway, the frozen metal stick, and the quasi ice bucket.

So what’s the best way to chill your white wine quickly? Here are a few tried and true methods to chill your wine depending on how much time you have:

  1. 2 hours- The good old fashioned way will cool your white to about 45 degrees in around 2 hours.
  2. 45 minutes- Put the bottle in the freezer
  3. 30 minutes- Pour the wine into glasses, cover them with plastic wrap, and refrigerate
  4. 15 minutes- A bucket of ice water- heavy on the ice
  5. 5 minutes- If you’re throwing a nice party, I don’t recommend this one because it’s messy and a little funny looking, but it is quick. Pour a bottle of wine into a gallon Ziploc bag and dunk it into an ice bath that fully submerges the bag. Stir it around a little and then pour the wine into glasses.

Reds often benefit from a slight chilling, but don’t take as long as whites to cool down. Don’t believe me? Check out next week’s post on chilling red wines.

Do you have any great options for chilling wine quickly?

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