It’s almost Halloween. Are you still looking for the perfect wine for your party? There are a lot of wines out there perfect for Halloween. They have creepy labels, spooky names, and fully embrace the dark side. Today I have five wines for you, all available at your local grocery store and under $20. Any of these wines will give your Halloween party the spooky vibe you’re looking for!

Ghost Pines Cabernet Sauvignon
This one is so dark it is almost purple. Give it some time to open up or it will be a little harsh on the back of the tongue. Once it has opened, it’s a very dry, robust wine. There are blackberry and cherry notes with a hint of smoke at the end.

Hope’s End Red Blend
How depressing is the name of this wine?! It’s the perfect red blend to serve at your Halloween party. The color and flavor of the wine live up to the dark label. The wine has some bite to it, with fruit at the end of the nose and cherry and boysenberry flavors. It is a very dark red, opaque and robust wine that will fit right in with your dark theme.

Velvet Devil Merlot
Another dark red wine, the Velvet Devil merlot is smooth with a dry finish. It has a full flavor with dark fruits like cherry and blackberry and a touch of earthiness and tobacco.

Sonoma Ranches Chardonnay
Okay, the name isn’t very spooky, but look at that label! There are few things scarier than a headless horseman! This chardonnay is an easy drinker with a pear notes, a honeysuckle scent, and mild buttery aftertaste.

Paranoia Chardonnay
Those are some freaky eyes on that label, let me just tell you. The wine has apple notes with a hint of vanilla and honey. It is smooth and slightly acidic, but still bright and fruity. This is a great wine for those who aren’t huge fans of chardonnay but want a moderately heavy white wine.

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