This post was a tough one to write. Why? With some desserts it’s hard to find the perfect wine pairing. You try all different kinds, analyze each to see what flavors work and what doesn’t, but the perfect pairing remains elusive. That is not the case with cookie butter. The delicious cinnamon-gingerbread-crunchy deliciousness goes with everything. Everything! It is a lot harder to find a wine cookie butter isn’t good with than it is to find one that it is. Cookie butter and white wine tends to taste like green apples, while cookie butter and red wine tends to taste like red apples. There are nuances beyond those descriptions, but they sum it up pretty well. I’ve had (and enjoyed) cookie butter with chardonnay, pinot noir, Riesling, Malbec, ZInfandel, white blends, red blends, and others I can’t recall now. They were all delicious.

So when you’re trying to choose a wine pairing for cookie butter, consider the dessert as a whole. First, think about the other flavors within the dessert. I made cookie butter cookies last year and chose a Riesling with them because the cookies were so sweet you almost couldn’t taste the cookie butter. If you’re have a chocolate and cookie butter dessert, maybe try a red wine.

Also consider the texture of the dessert. Quite often a lighter bodied wine will pair well with a lighter bodied dessert and heavier wines will go well with heavy desserts. I went out on a limb once and tried cookie butter cheesecake bites with a zinfandel and loved it! I was afraid the dessert would make the wine bitter, but the cookie butter balanced the flavors in the wine and the heavy cheesecake texture complemented the heavy wine.

So you tell me- what wines DON’T go with cookie butter?

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