Happy New Year! I hope you celebrated the new year just the way you wanted and you are ready for an awesome 2018. Here at The Sugar Vine, we are hitting the ground running, getting lots of exciting things ready for you. We’ve already made some changes to the website to make your time here as interesting and easy as possible. We know you’re busy and we love that you spend some of your precious time with us. Here are some more exciting things to look forward to this year:

Dessert Boxes
We have 12 great boxes planned for this year, all designed to provide you with a great wine and dessert pairing experience. If you want to hear about the boxes as soon as they come out, make sure to sign up for our newsletter, where the box of the month is announced first.

Pairing Services
We are super excited to introduce a new service to help you with your pairing needs! Starting in January, we will be offering a new service to help you find the perfect pairing for your special event. Whether you have a wine selected and need a dessert to go with it, or need a wine to go with your favorite dessert, The Sugar Vine can help! Check out our pairings page to learn more!

The Sugar Vine is pleased to introduce Wine and Dessert Monthly, our new monthly newsletter coming out the first week of the month. This is the best way to stay up to speed on all things wine and dessert. We’ll have links to the latest blog posts, news from the wine and dessert world, and weekly tips on wine tasting, pairing, and dessert making.

On the blog, we have lots of great posts planned for you, both on wine and desserts. Posts will come out each Thursday and will be filled with lots of exciting wines, recipes, reviews, and more. We’re also really excited to introduce two new series. The first is a wine tasting series, where we’ll try one new wines each month that is a perfect example of a particular style. Follow along with us, and by the time we’re finished with the series, you’ll have a wonderful foundation for your wine tasting skills. On the dessert side, we’re also starting a cake making series based on a Food & Wine article called Ultimate Cake Baking Bucket List. We’ll start with the January cake and work our way through to the December one. These cakes will help you get comfortable with different styles and ingredients and really increase your confidence as a baker.

Finally, we’re launching a Resources page with some of our favorite tools and recipes. These are items and recipes we turn to repeatedly because of their dependability. It can be hard to find new tools and recipes on your own, so we’re recommending our favorites to take the stress out of baking and wine pairing.

We hope you’re as excited about this year as we are! Stay tuned for great things and keep us updated on where you’re at in your wine and dessert pairing adventure!

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