This month in the wine series, our Food & Wine guide takes us to northern Italy, where we get to try the 2012 Marchesi di Barolo 
Barolo Tradizione. Barolo is a wine from the Piedmont region made from 100% nebbiolo grapes. It is a high tannin and tends to have notes of rose petals, cherries, raspberries, cinnamon, and white pepper. It does tend toward astringency but that smooths out with age and it does benefit (a lot) from decanting. While it is light in color, it is not a light wine. Barolo is often referred to as the King of Italians wines because of its popularity and versatility.

Marchesi di Barolo has been making wine for over 200 years. The wine cellars are located in the town of Barolo where the Abbona family has overseen the winery for 5 generations. The wine ferments in cement tanks and then ages for 2 years in oak barrels. Once bottled, it can age for up to 20 years, so this is a great wine to have in your collection.

The wine is a light garnet color with very impressive legs. Initially the taste is primarily light red fruit with a tart aftertaste, but after a few sips you start to notice the pepper flavors. It is nicely robust without making you feel full and heavy.

This wine pairs very easily with a rich chocolate dessert like fudge brownies. You could also opt for a dark chocolate bar or a dark cherry fruit dessert that isn’t too sweet.

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