Summer causes such a conundrum- you want to be outside at the pool, beach, or lounging in the shade; but it?s tough to have food outside because it?s so crazy hot. So what are you supposed to do? Stay inside and miss out on all the summer fun? Have fun outside and track water and dirt in when you want a snack? Skipping dessert certainly isn?t an option! It takes a little work but it is possible to have fun in the sun and have delicious desserts outdoors.

Here are my best tips:

  • Don?t put your desserts in the sun! This should be pretty obvious, but it happens. If you?re on the beach or somewhere without shade, be prepared and bring your own. You can always rig something up with towels or a sheet in a pinch.
  • Choose desserts that stand up to the heat. As much as I love a delicious frosted cake, buttercream and the heat are NOT friends. While the flavor may still be good after the frosting melts off the cake, it won?t exactly be pretty.
  • When possible, leave the desserts inside until it?s time to serve them. This isn?t always possible, but it will save you some heartache if you can wait to bring the desserts out.
  • Keep it simple. Most people don?t want super elaborate, heavy desserts in the summer. The simpler and lighter a dessert is, the more it will be enjoyed.
  • Make sure your dessert is easily portable. This will make transportation simpler and less stressful, and if the dessert is easy to package you can probably pop it in a cooler and go.

To help you out, here are a few of my desserts that are perfect for summer fun:

  • Brownies, especially if they?re not frosted
  • Cookies, like oreos, chocolate chip, or snickerdoodle
  • Angel food cake, but either leave the icing off or wait to pour it until you serve the cake
  • Apple bars are crunchy, delicious, and light enough for summer
  • Strawberry shortcake, just make sure to have a cooler handy to keep everything cool

What?s your favorite summer dessert?

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