Unless you have been in hiding lately, you have probably heard: It is officially pumpkin spice season. Whether you like pumpkin spice or not, you can?t hide from the ads on tv, the radio, billboards, and anywhere else you might look. EVERYONE is on board the pumpkin spice train, even us here at The Sugar Vine. We have some delicious options to satisfy your pumpkin spice craving.

Our pumpkin whoopee pies with cream cheese frosting are an addictive combination of sweet and savory flavors sure to keep you coming back for more.


Pumpkin bars are a deceptively simple treat, with a shortbread crust topped with pumpkin pie filling. They?re the perfect combination of crunchy and creamy.

If you?re more of a pumpkin spice for breakfast kind of person, we?ve got a delicious pumpkin bread. It?s more savory than sweet, with all the pumpkin spice goodness you could ask for.

What?s your favorite pumpkin spice treat?

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