5 Accessories for the Wine Connoisseur

Awhile back we talked about the 5 accessories every wine drinker needs, whether you’re just getting into wine or have been enjoying it for quite some time. Today, we’re talking about accessories more serious wine drinkers should consider. They take the basic accessories up a notch to help you deepen your appreciation for wine.


We touched on the Coravin briefly in our previous accessories article and went pretty in-depth with our Coravin review, but it bears repeating: if you’re investing in high quality wine, and/or tasting a lot of wine without finishing the bottles in a timely manner, a Coravin is the way to go for wine preservation. It’s an investment, but in the long run it will save you money because you won’t be throwing out good wine that spoiled.


A chiller is a pretty simple tool, so you may be surprised to see it on a list for wine connoisseurs, but since it’s so simple it’s often overlooked. If you have a bottle (or 3) of chilled wine open for a get-together, you have a few choices:

  1. Keep the wine in the refrigerator and interrupt the party constantly to go back for refills
  2. Leave the wines out and let them get warm
  3. Stick them in an ice bucket and have water dripping everywhere
  4. Use a chiller to keep your wine the right temperature without a mess or disturbing the conversation

Wine refrigerator

Speaking of drinking wine at the right temperature, a wine refrigerator is a great way to improve your enjoyment of wine without a lot of effort. White wines get too cold in a standard refrigerator, while red wines at room temperature tend to be too warm. You can set the temperature of a wine fridge to suit the types of wine you’re storing and they can take up as much or as little room as you have available.

Wine tasting game

This one is both fun and functional. Wine tasting games, whether they’re trivia-based or a blind wine tasting, give you the opportunity to test your knowledge and have a great time with your friends.

Home décor

Remember what I said about fun? Wine should be fun and you shouldn’t be afraid to share your love with others! Wine candles, wine soap, and tea towels let you share wine with everyone who comes into your home- and give you an excuse to open a bottle of wine to share.

No matter how much of an expert you become in wine, make sure you always keep it fun and remember what it’s all about- community. Wine is all about bringing people together and giving them a reason to celebrate- and that’s what is truly important.

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