You know what I love about wine and dessert pairing? The wines and desserts that pair well never fail to amaze me. Just when I think I know everything, I find a pairing that is just amazing when I never thought it would work.

Take today’s pairing- I thought Oreos would be hard to pair with wine- they’re super sweet cookies with a lot of different flavors and a very particular texture. Color me surprised when I discovered they are actually made for wine! It was actually hard to choose a favorite for each, but I managed.

First up, I really liked the cinnamon bun Oreos with Chardonnay. Like many other cinnamon desserts, the flavors pair well with apple and citrus flavors in the wine.

The red velvet Oreos pair well with pinot noir. The pinot noir is a lighter red, so the tannins don’t overwhelm the sweeter dessert but it’s bold enough that the cookie doesn’t destroy the flavor.

Finally, I recommend pairing the classic Oreos with Bordeaux. The red fruit flavors in Bordeaux work well with the chocolate cookie but don’t fight with the sweet icing.

And when in doubt, try Oreos with rosé. It sounds insane, but this was hands-down my favorite wine with all of the cookies. The crazy thing is, I had tried this rosé with a whole mess of other desserts and really hated it but it goes with all the oreos! Go figure.

Now it’s your turn- what’s your favorite Oreo and what wine goes great with it?

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