Welcome to the first edition of our 2018 wine tasting series! This series was inspired by a Food & Wine article with 25 bottles of wine to try to become a wine master. The list of bottles in the article was designed to offer good examples of a variety of wine types and styles so you have a good basis against which to judge other wines. Cool, right?

So we’re going to do this together- we’re trying one bottle per month here on the blog. We’ll discuss the characteristics of the wine and the overall impression it makes, plus we’ll give a few bonus ideas for dessert pairings. But wait, there are 25 wines and only 12 months in a year. What about the rest? If you’d like to know what we think about the other 13 bottles on the list, join the email list! We’ll send out an additional email each month (and a 2nd extra in December) so we can work our way through the whole list. So go join the email list and join us on this wine tasting adventure!

Now let’s get to the wine! First up is the NV Pol Roger Brut Reserve White Foil. This is an excellent example of champagne, slightly dry but not overly so. The grapes used are pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay from several vineyards in France. The champagne is aged for 4 years before release. It has a hint of fruitiness initially and finishes with a slight brioche taste. It has excellent bubble production, which I knew it would when the cork almost popped off on its own! Beware when you’re opening the bottle because you may accidentally get a champagne shower if you’re not careful! Also take care when you pour- there is so much carbonation that it’ll overflow when you’ve poured just a little bit.

So what should you pair with champagne? This is one of the few wines that people are a little more adventurous with when pairing desserts. It’s almost like the bubbles make them throw caution to the wine and have a little fun (which you should ALWAYS do when pairing wine and dessert). The Pol Roger champagne tastes great with a citrus angel food cake (check out the post 2 weeks from now), and it also goes well with any kind of fruity dessert- raspberry tarts, cherry pie, crepes, or anything else with a little sweetness to it. Macarons are also a good option with champagne; some macaron shops even host champagne and macaron pairings!

Make sure to let me know what you think!

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