About Us

A delicious adventure in wine and dessert

Our Story

Jennifer started The Sugar Vine to share her love of wine and dessert with the world. She started baking in college and quickly discovered it was a great way to bring people together to share their lives. When Jennifer began exploring wine, she was struck by how often people gravitate to wine and dessert in the same situations and by how rarely the two are paired. Her goal with The Sugar Vine is to break down this barrier and make the world of wine and dessert more fun and accessible by creating special pairings and desserts for all of your happy occasions as well as providing understandable wine reviews and baking tips. Our delicious desserts are handcrafted from recipes that have been repeatedly tested to ensure they are ready to delight your taste buds.

When you order dessert from The Sugar Vine, you will receive a delicious dessert carefully designed to wow you and your guests. You also receive a notecard with a suggested wine to ensure you will have the perfect pairing for your dessert.

While life may be stressful sometimes, at The Sugar Vine you can have your cake and your wine, too!