About Us

Exploring the world of wine one glass at a time

A Rough Start

Jennifer’s journey into wine did not start off well- on her 21st birthday she purchased a 4 pack of a not-to-be-named brand wine. After trying a small sip, she promptly spit it out and swore off wine forever, wondering why on earth anyone would drink the foul stuff. Fast forward 5 years to when she’s living in Virginia and attends a polo match and wine festival. That’s when Jennifer was introduced to the beauty and variety of good quality wine. She then began joining wine clubs and experimenting with different wines to learn about their characteristics.

A Surprising Discovery

A fortunate accident with chardonnay and cookie butter led to the creation of The Sugar Vine. Jennifer wasn’t a huge fan of Chardonnay, but realized the flavor and texture completely changed for the better when combined with rich, cinnamon and nutmeg filled cookie butter. She wanted to share the excitement of discovering new wines and food pairings with everyone, so the blog was born. A long-time baker and dessert lover, Jennifer just couldn’t believe that wine and dessert didn’t pair well together, so she started playing around with pairings. She quickly discovered that, while finding the perfect pairing for a dessert can be challenging, it is possible to pair desserts with dry wines.

Expanding the Palate

After a few years of focusing primarily on wine and dessert pairings, Jennifer expanded the scope of The Sugar Vine to include savory pairings and more in-depth articles on the wine world. In November 2019, the shop was born to help you get fully immersed in wine. We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience and fulfill all of your wine needs, so check back often.

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