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Our mission: To help you enjoy wine more in whatever way is best for you. That means we’re here for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.

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The Sugar Vine’s mission is to make every bottle of wine an experience to remember. We carefully select wine and dessert themed gifts crafted by artists from around the U.S. that are attractive, functional, and fun.

Our Wine Press is filled with interesting and informative articles about wine.

No matter where you are in your wine journey, we are glad to have you as part of our community.


What We Believe

We understand that you trust us to share quality products, good wine recommendations, and palate pleasing food and wine pairings. We don’t take your trust for granted and work every day to continue to earn and keep it. This is our promise to you.


Wine is for everyone

No matter your age (as long as you’re over 21!), gender, race, income, wine experience, hobbies, or goals in life, there is a wine for you and we want you in our community.


Knowledge is power

We love learning and experimenting, as well as sharing it with you. The Wine Press is The Sugar Vine’s blog, where we share serious articles about wine as well as fun and sometimes unusual wine and food pairings.


Shop small

Over 80% of the products we carry are from artisans who make your items by hand and in small batches. That means love and attention are poured into each piece to make it as beautiful and durable as possible. Your purchase supports more than just The Sugar Vine; it supports families around the country.


If you like a wine, it’s a good wine

The beauty of wine is that there are infinite combinations of varietals, regions, and winemaking techniques, so there’s a wine for every palate. We might not love every wine you drink, but if you like it then we think it’s great


The Earth is our home and needs to be cared for

Many of our products are made from recycled wine bottles or other sustainable materials. We also make an effort to use recycled materials or to reuse non-sustainable materials for packaging as much as possible.

Only The Best

We know quality and value are important to you, which is why carefully evaluate each item that goes into the shop. Quality, durability, price, and uniqueness are all factors we review before offering an item to you. If we don’t think you’ll be proud to have an item in your home, we don’t sell it.

The vast majority of our products come from artisans around the U.S. who have dedicated their lives to their craft. Many of them have worked with their chosen medium for 10 or more years, carefully refining their skill and process.This may sometimes mean we have to charge more for an item than if it came from a factory abroad, but we stand by our products’ value. Many of our products are also made from sustainable materials, like recycled wine bottles and degenerated olive trees.

Our goal with each item is for it to bring joy to your life and enhance your experience with wine and with those you love.


Meet Jennifer

Jennifer’s first experience with wine was less than stellar. Now she seeks share wine with the world by helping others avoid the mistakes she made and have a positive experience with wine every day.

It all started with a 21st birthday and a 4 pack of wine picked up at a convenience store- and it almost ended there as well. Jennifer’s first taste of wine was so bad she spit it out and swore off the nasty stuff forever.

Future experiences were much better and she eventually started learning what she liked. It took a lot of trial and error, but every bottle made her more interested in learning.

A fortunate accident with chardonnay and cookie butter led to the creation of The Sugar Vine many years later. Jennifer wasn’t a huge fan of Chardonnay, but discovered that the flavor and texture completely changed for the better when combined with rich, cinnamon and nutmeg filled cookie butter. She wanted to share the excitement of discovering new wines and food pairings with everyone, so the blog was born. A long-time baker and dessert lover, Jennifer just couldn’t believe that wine and dessert didn’t pair well together, so she started playing around with pairings. She quickly discovered that, while finding the perfect pairing for a dessert can be challenging, it really is possible to create amazing dessert pairings with dry wines. After a few years of focusing primarily on wine and dessert pairings, Jennifer expanded the scope of The Sugar Vine to include savory pairings and more in-depth articles on the wine world. 

In July 2019, Jennifer’s father passed away from pancreatic cancer. Before he died, he encouraged her to follow her dreams and not let fear hold her back. A few months later, she took his advice and launched the The Sugar Vine’s Wine Shop. The goal of the shop is to bring joy to wine lovers every single day with beautiful, functional items for their homes.

The Wine Shop is open 24/7 online, 7 days a week at Painted Tree in Cinco Ranch, and during pop-up markets at Bernhardt Winery and B.E. Winery north of Houston.

Jennifer currently holds a level 2 certification with distinction from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, and will be pursuing level 3 certification in early 2022.

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