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Our mission is to help you find the perfect wine and food pairing for any occasion

At The Sugar Vine, Jennifer seeks to dispel myths related to wine and make it more approachable and fun for those who already love wine and for those who seek to love it. Jennifer helps clients understand the fundamentals of food and wine as well as how to pair them so their enjoyment of their favorite wines and foods is enhanced both separately and together. She loves experimenting with unique pairings and focuses on pairing wine with dessert.


Jennifer’s journey into wine did not start off well- on her 21st birthday she purchased a 4 pack of a not-to-be-named brand wine. After trying a small sip, she promptly spit it out and swore off wine forever. Fast forward 5 years to when she’s living in Virginia and attends a polo match and wine festival. That’s when Jennifer was introduced to the beauty and variety of good quality wine. She began joining wine clubs and experimenting with different wines to learn about their characteristics.


A long-time baker and dessert lover, Jennifer just couldn’t believe that wine and dessert didn’t pair well together, so she started playing around with pairings. She quickly discovered that, while finding the perfect pairing for a dessert can be challenging, it is possible to pair desserts with dry wines. She has made it her mission to help people find their perfect wine and dessert pairings.


A fortunate accident with chardonnay and cookie butter (try it; it’s amazing!) led to the creation of The Sugar Vine. A few years later, Jennifer stumbled across Traveling Vineyard, a winery that seeks to make wine as much fun as Jennifer does. She’s been with Traveling Vineyard since November 2018 and offers free in-home wine tastings with their wines. Jennifer fell in love with the company because of their passion for wine, desire to help others find wow pairings, and focus on working hard and being kind. Traveling Vineyard has opened up a new world of wine and food for her and many others.


Whether you are a long-time wine lover or someone who swore off wine after a bad experience, Jennifer is here to help you find wines and pairings you love. She loves getting questions and feedback on what works and what doesn’t, so make sure to let her know if you find a wow pairing or try one of hers. If you would like to host a free in-home wine tasting with Traveling Vineyard, you can contact Jennifer here: wineguide.life/jennifer

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