In honor of President’s Day, here are 10 facts your probably don’t know about our presidents and wine:

  1. Schramsberg could hold the unofficial title of favorite White House sparkling wine. Every president since Nixon has served it at least once.
  2. Presidents Jefferson and Washington both tried and failed many times to grow vineyards on their estates
  3. President Johnson enacted an unofficial policy to only serve American wine at state dinners and subsequent presidents have followed suit.
  4. Thomas Jefferson built a wine cellar under the White House and stocked it with more than 20,000 bottles of European wine, which he left for his successors.
  5. George Washington really enjoyed his booze, especially Madeira wine. From 1775 to March 1776 he spent more than $6,000 on alcohol.
  6. The first time wine was served at an official White House function when Lincoln was president.
  7. Woodrow Wilson received a special exemption to move his wine cellar from the White House to his home when he left office because the transportation of alcohol was banned.
  8. Ok, not all presidents loved wine. Rutherford B. Hayes banned all wine and other alcoholic beverages from the White House.
  9. Unsurprisingly, Ronald Reagan served a lot of California wines when he was in office. Wineries often saw a spike in sales when their wines were served at the White House.
  10. Richard Nixon reportedly enjoyed Chateau Lafite Rothschild but reportedly served less expensive wines to his guests, with the bottles wrapped in towels to hide their labels.