I don’t understand people who don’t like fruit desserts. One of my sisters doesn’t like them and I think something’s wrong with her taste buds (sorry sis!). Fruit desserts have everything you could possibly want- taste, texture, versatility. The fruit is sweet but can have a little tartness depending on what kind you use and how much sugar you add. You have texture from the crust and topping. They’re good either hot or cold. You can even add extras like ice cream or chocolate sauce and it tastes amazing. Plus, they pair wonderfully with wine! Fruit desserts are amazing!

One of my favorites is the fruit crisp from the Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Baking cookbook. I mentioned this book before as a great resource and this recipe doesn’t disappoint. They have 3 options for the crisp- the main one is strawberry rhubarb and the other two are apple or pear and mixed berry. I love that it’s such a versatile recipe and can be made at any time of year. Since rhubarb isn’t available in the grocery store right now, I opted to make a mixed berry crisp using frozen berries. Frozen berries can be a great substitute for fresh if the fruit you want to use isn’t in season. Just make sure to get the kind with no sugar added or it will throw off your recipe. You also need to account for the extra water you’ll have when the berries thaw. You can either do this by lightly coating the berries in flour or by letting them thaw and then draining off some of the juice.

To make the crisp, just assemble your ingredients….

Mix the berries with sugar and cinnamon and pile them in your baking dish….

Then mix up the topping with melted butter, sugar (white and brown), oatmeal, flour, cinnamon, and a smidge of salt and put it in a layer on top of the fruit….

Side note: I love the topping, so I usually make 1.5 to 2 times the recipe. In this case, I doubled it but didn’t use all of it. In a 13×9 pan I can use a full doubled topping.

And bake until it’s golden brown.

Seriously easy, right? As long as you don’t burn it, it’s virtually guaranteed to be delicious! I love how the crisp is both sweet and tart with just a hint cinnamon to spice it up. The topping has a wonderful crunch that balances the softness of the berries for a really pleasing texture.

Like I said earlier, fruit desserts are fantastic with wine. The fruit in the crisp helps enhance the fruit flavors in the wine. The key here is to find a wine with similar flavors to the fruit you used but that won’t taste sour with the sweet topping. If I had done an apple crisp I might have paired the dessert with a chardonnay or a Riesling. With a cherry crisp, I might have cut back a little on the sugar and paired it with a gamay or Sangiovese. So what wine wins with the mixed berry crisp?

The Abbazia Moscato Dolce, a 93 point gold medal in 2016 Winemaker Challenge International Wine Competition!!!!!

This Moscato made my taste buds sing when paired with the crisp! It’s a sweet, floral wine with just a touch of sparkle that draws out the fruit and sweetness of the dessert in a burst of flavor. I knew after just one sip that I didn’t need to try anything else because this was the perfect pairing. It’s absolutely irresistible!

Have you tried making a crisp before? Let me know what kind, if you loved it, and what wine you think would pair with it!




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