French Sancerre vs New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

So this month in the wine series we’re having two wines instead of one! We are going to put French Sancerre up against New Zealand sauvignon blanc to see which one is better. Sancerre is a region in France known for sauvignon blanc wine, while New Zealand is more of an up and comer. While the wines are made with the same grape they do have distinctive characteristics that may make you prefer one of the wines over the other.

Black and White Layer Cake

I’m not going to lie- this month’s cake is HUGE. We’re talking 3 baking sheet sized layers of cake, plus filling and frosting. It’s the perfect cake to make for a summer get together. It’ll feed about 30 people, it’s easy to make (don’t be intimidated by the size), and pretty much everyone enjoys the classic chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Dads Need Desserts, Too!

It’s almost Father’s Day! Are you ready to shower your dad with all the wine and desserts he deserves? If you’ve procrastinated, don’t worry. I have lots of options to stuff him full of delicious things and make him feel like a million bucks.

Wine Series- The King of Italian Wines Makes a Good Impression

This month in the wine series, our Food & Wine guide takes us to northern Italy, where we get to try the 2012 Marchesi di Barolo 
Barolo Tradizione. Barolo is a wine from the Piedmont region made from 100% nebbiolo grapes. It is a high tannin and tends to have notes of rose petals, cherries, raspberries, cinnamon, and white pepper. It does tend toward astringency but that smooths out with age and it does benefit (a lot) from decanting. While it is light in color, it is not a light wine. Barolo is often referred to as the King of Italians wines because of its popularity and versatility.

Memorial Day- A Day to Celebrate and Remember

Memorial Day is an opportunity to relax, barbeque, drink, and have fun with friends and family. And in many ways that’s exactly as it should be. We should celebrate our freedom. We are fortunate enough to have people who are willing to protect our rights and our comforts so we can go float the river, eat grilled meat, and drink wine. All I ask is that while you are enjoying yourself on Memorial Day, take a moment to raise your glass in honor of those who have died to protect us.

Brownies and Barolo- A Richly Rewarding Pairing

Do you have a go-to dessert? One you make when you just really need a sugar fix or you need to take a dish to a party and don’t want to experiment? I do. It’s brownies. These little chocolate squares are the perfect crowd pleaser: most people like chocolate (and if you don’t I’m not sure we can be friends. JK. Maybe); they don’t require a fork so they’re easy to eat when mingling, and they’re iconic. Most people grow up eating brownies semi-regularly, so there are no funny looks when you walk in with a plate of them and no one has to ask what they are or how to eat them. Trust me, it happens.

Summer Gift Guide Update

We have a lot of events coming up in the next two months, from Mother’s Day on May 13th to Father’s Day on June 17th to high school and college graduations throughout May and June. It can be a little overwhelming, but this month’s gift guide update is here to help you get all of your shopping done so you can kick back and enjoy these events!

Cake Series- Tres Leches Adds Up To Sweet Perfection

This is a great month for the cake series because we get to make tres leches! This is a crazy delicious cake that I first made WAAAAAAAY back in college. I’m telling you this because I want you to feel super confident making this cake. If I could make it when I first started baking in a college dorm kitchen with minimal equipment and no experience, I know you can do this.

Cake Series- Carrots Get a Sweet Makeover

How are you doing on the cake challenge? Do you have a favorite yet? I think mine so far is the Citrus Angel Food Cake, but if you’re a carrot cake fan you may love this month’s cake. Yes, we’re making a classic carrot cake with fluffy cream cheese frosting this month.

Wine Series- Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Welcome back to the wine series. This month we’re trying the 2015 Merry Edwards Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. It is one of the oldest grapes in world, dating back to Roman times and is now the 10th most planted grape in the world, with France, the U.S., and Germany as the top 3 suppliers. It is also known for being a little finicky to grow, which keeps supply of good pinot noir down and results in a generally pricier wine.