Lebkuchen- A Spiced Holiday Tradition

Have you ever heard of lebkuchen? If you’ve spent time in Germany around the holidays, I’m guessing you have. For those of you who haven’t, lebkuchen are soft cookies made with honey, spices, and nuts. They’re often described as “German gingerbread,” but I think these are better than most gingerbread. The cookies are light and fluffy and they’re not overwhelmingly spiced. Unlike many cookies, these don’t get stale right away and can be kept fresh for months! The ones with “short” shelf lives are good for 6-8 weeks!

White Mulled Wine- Tradition with a Twist

Mulled wine, or Gluhwein, is a classic winter drink in Germany. While it can be made in many forms, the basic drink is made with heated wine and spices like cinnamon and cloves. The hot drink and warmth of the spices is perfect for a cold winter day. The drink is often served at the famous German Christmas markets to keep cold shoppers warm as they do their Christmas shopping.

German Dessert- Apple, Honey, and Hazelnuts, Oh My!

I love German food because there’s so much joy and lack of pretension surrounding it. How often do you hear of low-fat bratwurst or sauerkraut? Do you often see a German turning down a slice of apple strudel? Not too often, right? Germans are all about the food, imbuing their celebrations with traditional foods and desserts. German desserts are some of the best in the world because of the joy and the care put into making them. While some are quite time consuming, the result is well worth the wait. This week I’ve put together some great recipes from around the web to help you make your Christmas bright with a little German influence.

German Wine Regions

December is here and that means Christmas season is in full swing with holiday markets, Christmas trees, decorations, and music are everywhere. This time of year always makes me dream of German Christmas markets. I’ve never been to one, but I always imagine how cool it would be to walk through the market in the evening, sipping mulled wine with snow capped mountains all around. Since I’m in the Christmas spirit and thinking of Christmas markets, it’s only fitting that this month’s focus be on German wine and dessert. Germany is known for amazing desserts and delicious wine. In the U.S., the wine most people know is Riesling, but there are many types of German wine grown in 13 different regions, predominantly in the south and southwest of the country. German wine growing regions are some of the most northern in the world, which makes them well-situated for white wines, which make up more than half of the wine growing area in Germany. Three wine regions to note are Rheinhessen, Saale-Unstrut, and Rheingau.

1st Annual Dessert Gift Guide

Welcome to The Sugar Vine’s 1st Annual Dessert Gift Guide! We are starting a new tradition this year by bringing you not one, but two gift guides! Did you catch the Wine Gift Guide on Monday? If not, check it out! Just like with the Wine Gift Guide, this list will be added to throughout the year to ensure you have access to all the greatest gifts out there. Now check it out to help you find the perfect gift for the dessert lover in your life!

1st Annual Wine Gift Guide

Welcome to The Sugar Vine’s 1st Annual Wine Gift Guide! There are so many cool wine and wine inspired gifts out there so we decided to keep a running list of the best options for you. The gifts featured here come at a range of price points and are fun, classy, practical, and everything in between. We will keep expanding this guide throughout the year so you always have a fresh list of fun gifts to give your friends, family and yourself. Let us know if you come across any exciting wine gifts and they just might be added to the list!