Pie, pie, pie!

National Pie Day is a completely made-up day to celebrate and honor all things pie. It’s a little ridiculous but kind of awesome at the same time. National Pie Day is celebrated on January 23rd. In honor of National Pie Day, here are some fun facts about pie, as well as some great recipes and wine pairings.

A little bit of champagne…

First up is the NV Pol Roger Brut Reserve White Foil. This is an excellent example of champagne, slightly dry but not overly so. The grapes used are pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay from several vineyards in France.

Keeping Warm with Wine and Dessert

We’re quickly approaching the coldest part of winter for many areas in the U.S., which means that it is high time for comfort foods, which to me means red wines and heavy desserts. This week, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite winter wines and desserts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Stay warm and have a sweet day!

Happy New Year from The Sugar Vine!

Happy New Year! I hope you celebrated the new year just the way you wanted and you are ready for an awesome 2018. Here at The Sugar Vine, we are hitting the ground running, getting lots of exciting things ready for you. We’ve already made some changes to the website to make your time here as interesting and easy as possible. We know you’re busy and we love that you spend some of your precious time with us. Here are some more exciting things to look forward to this year:

German Dessert and German Wine

Since we’re all about Germany and Christmas this month, I thought it would be fun to try out a few German wines with German desserts to find the best pairings for you. And boy, did I! German desserts have both sweet and savory characteristics, which makes it fun to pair them with the large variety of German wines on the market. While there are tons of options when it comes to German desserts, I focused on three of the most iconic holiday desserts, that we’re also discussing on dessert day on the blog: lebkuchen, stollen, and marzipan.

Thanksgiving Wines to Take You From Dinner to Dessert

Thanksgiving is all about the pie, am I right? Okay, there’s dinner, too; but really the turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and rolls are really just a means to a sweet and satisfying end: pie. If your family is anything like mine, everyone has a favorite pie that absolutely must be on the table at Thanksgiving. But when you’re busy making all those pies (or thawing them, picking them up from the bakery, or whatever else you need to do it to get them on your table and in your stomach), it’s hard to come up with just the right way to pair them.