Thanksgiving Wines to Take You From Dinner to Dessert

Thanksgiving is all about the pie, am I right? Okay, there’s dinner, too; but really the turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and rolls are really just a means to a sweet and satisfying end: pie. If your family is anything like mine, everyone has a favorite pie that absolutely must be on the table at Thanksgiving. But when you’re busy making all those pies (or thawing them, picking them up from the bakery, or whatever else you need to do it to get them on your table and in your stomach), it’s hard to come up with just the right way to pair them.

Wine Glasses- Does Shape Really Matter?

If you spend much time in the wine world, you will probably run into someone who believes very, very passionately about the importance of using the correct glass for the type of wine you are drinking. You will also meet other people who really don’t care about the glass, as long as there’s wine in it. I’m somewhere in the middle. I don’t get in a panic if you try to serve me Chardonnay in a Sauvignon Blanc glass, but I also am not walking around drinking wine from a plastic cup (no offense if that’s your thing). But the question is: does it really matter?

Cookie Butter and Wine

This post was a tough one to write. Why? With some desserts it’s hard to find the perfect wine pairing. You try all different kinds, analyze each to see what flavors work and what doesn’t, but the perfect pairing remains elusive. That is not the case with cookie butter. The delicious cinnamon-gingerbread-crunchy deliciousness goes with everything. Everything! It is a lot harder to find a wine cookie butter isn’t good with than it is to find one that it is.

Haunted Wineries in the U.S.

America’s wineries are young compared to those in the rest of the world, but they have a rich, vibrant, and haunted history. Yes, there are wineries across the U.S. that are inhabited by ghosts! Some of the ghosts are benevolent presences that protect the wineries; others cause mischief by moving objects around and making messes. These are some of the most haunted wineries in the U.S.

Spooky Wines for Halloween

It’s almost Halloween. Are you still looking for the perfect wine for your party? There are a lot of wines out there perfect for Halloween. They have creepy labels, spooky names, and fully embrace the dark side. Today I have five wines for you, all available at your local grocery store and under $20. Any of these wines will give your Halloween party the spooky vibe you’re looking for!

Wine and Pumpkin- Sweet and Savory Pairings

As I mentioned last week, we are all about pumpkin this month. Why? Pumpkin is wildly popular in the fall. I am guessing you or someone you know is just crazy for pumpkin right now. You might have been haunting Starbucks in September, waiting for the PSL to arrive; or you might be drooling in your sleep, dreaming of the pumpkin pie you’ll have on Thanksgiving. You don’t have to wait for your pumpkin fix, though! This month, I’m sharing two great pumpkin recipes, including one very reminiscent of pumpkin pie. Plus, today I’m reviewing the wines that I think go best with pumpkin sweets. So stat tuned and get all the pumpkin you crave this month!