The 4th of July is right around the corner, which means it’s time to pull out your stars and stripes, do some grilling, spend time with friends and family, set off fireworks, and be grateful for the many freedoms we have. Many people spend the 4th of July outside- at parades, picnics, parties, camping- and I have the perfect dessert for any 4th of July celebration: chocolate chip cookie sandwiches!

Why do I like these chocolate chip cookie sandwiches for 4th of July? Let’s count the reasons:

  1. They’re simple
  2. They make a big statement in a small package
  3. They’re easy to make
  4. They’re a big crowdpleaser
  5. You can decorate them any way you want to make them your own
  6. You can do most of the work ahead of time
  7. They’re portable
  8. They hold up well in the heat
  9. They’re easy to eat on the move
  10. You can change up the flavors for something new and exciting or stick with the classic

The list could keep going but you get the point!

So how do you make these lovely little sandwiches? First, make chocolate chip cookies. You can use pre-made dough from the store (see reviews here) or you can make your own (need a recipe? Check out mine here). I personally like to make these in miniature so they’re super easy to grab and snack while you’re on the move. To do this, just make each cookie a little smaller than you normally would, and check them a minute or two earlier while they’re in the oven- smaller cookies usually cook a bit faster than bigger ones.

While the cookies are cooling, either make your own frosting or dump a can of store frosting into a bowl. If you want, play up the frosting a little. You can do this by coloring it red or blue, mixing in star sprinkles, or anything else you can think of to make it fun and festive. I do recommend using a slightly stiffer frosting than you normally do for basic cake frosting because you want it to stay put on the cookies and not slide off in the heat. If your frosting seems a little too wet, you can add a small amount (about ¼ cup at a time) of powdered sugar to thicken it to the desired consistency.

Once the cookies are cool, flip half of them over so the bottoms are facing up. Then, spread a healthy dollop of frosting on each one and cover it with another cookie facing right side up. Then you can roll the sides of the cookie in sprinkles if you want to up the wow factor a little

Have some fun with these little bites of awesomeness at your 4th of July celebration this year, and don’t forget to show off your delicious creations!



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