Last fall the boyfriend and I went to the Autumn Art and Texas wine festival in Spring, Texas. We tasted quite a few good wines there (check out the rundown of the festival here), but one of the standouts was the Chocolate Lach Rua from Red Road Winery in Naples, Texas. Chocolate Lach Rua is a chocolate cabernet that just oozes decadence. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day because it combines the two best things about the holiday- chocolate and wine- into one delicious bottle.

The first thing that strikes you when you smell the wine is the chocolate aroma. It smells like pure milk chocolate with just a hint of Cabernet at the end. Somehow this combination makes the wine seem both dark and mysterious and friendly at the same time. The chocolate is like your best friend who never lets you down, while the touch of Cabernet lets you know there’s something a little deeper and more complex. The wine tastes primarily of chocolate with just a hint of the Cabernet . As you work through a glass, you start tasting the red wine notes a little more, but the chocolate remains the primary flavor.

I do recommend pouring a small glass- you really don’t need a lot because the flavor is so rich. I tried the wine by itself and with strawberries- because who doesn’t love chocolate and strawberries?! The strawberries cut the chocolate nicely without competing with the flavor. In fact, the flavors really exist side-by-side without overwhelming each other or melding together, either. The great thing is, you don’t have the same mess as you do with chocolate covered strawberries because chocolate isn’t falling off the strawberries while you eat. Does anyone else have a problem with messy chocolate covered strawberries, or is it just me?

Whether with a food pairing or by itself, this wine is the perfect, delicious way to wind down the evening.

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