One of my favorite childhood memories is making Christmas cookies. It was an annual tradition and we had a set menu: chocolate crinkles, cut-outs, snickerdoodles, snowballs, and probably a few others I’m forgetting. We also made fudge and divinity if it wasn’t too humid for the candy to set. When we made the cut-outs my siblings and I each got a pan of cookies to decorate, and then of course we got to eat them when they were finished! I always preferred the smaller cookies (especially the candy cane shaped ones!) because they were a little crunchier than the others. The cookies were, of course, left out for Santa on Christmas Eve and featured prominently on Christmas morning, when we ate cookies and candy for breakfast because my mom was too busy to make something healthy.

I still love to make Christmas cookies, and I love the idea of carrying on the tradition of making them with loved ones each year, I just also really love making the tradition a little more adult. Here are my picks for the best cookie and wine pairings.

Whether you’re leaving your cookies out for Santa or packaging them in cute tins as gifts, don’t be afraid to have a little extra fun with your favorite cookies this year!


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