Happy November! I hope everyone is enjoying their cool, fall weather! I am quite jealous of those of you who get to experience fall. We had an amazing, chilly weekend last week but now it’s back up into the 80s and humid, which is pretty much our norm at this time of year. In an effort to warm up those of you who are up north and freezing, as well as cheer up the Southerners who are wishing for a cold front, this month we are digging into jars of cookie butter! What’s cookie butter, you ask? My friend, this is the best substance known to man, and it’s one of the most versatile. Your life will be forever changed once you have experienced it. Those of you who have tried cookie butter know what I mean. So let’s get started!

Cookie butter, also known as biscoff, is a spread made from crushed speculoos cookies. Speculoos is a spiced cookie originating from Belgium and commonly served all around Europe. It has cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, and is reminiscent of a gingerbread cookie. While commonly served at the holidays, it’s also not uncommon to have a spice cookie with coffee in cafes around Europe.

You’ll find cookie butter spreads near the peanut butter and Nutella. Look closely because there really aren’t many brands, so it’s easy to miss. Target sells one by the company Lotus. This company was an early adopter of cookie butter and was one of the first brands to be sold widely in the U.S. Another big brand of cookie butter is Trader Joe’s. A few years ago there was actually a cookie butter shortage and Trader Joe’s had to limit the number of jars people could buy because they were grabbing all they could find and either hoarding it or selling them on ebay for exorbitant prices. I love cookie butter but I’m not going to pay $20 or more a jar. Maybe $10 and that would only be if I was never going to find it again.

Since Lotus and Trader Joe’s have the two biggest cookie butter stakes in the U.S., I decided to do a taste test for you. Each brand has a creamy and a crunchy option, so they’re going head to head so I can help you determine which is the best option.

First, the crunchy: The crunchiness of these two spreads comes from crushed speculoos cookies. Trader Joe’s has larger bits that are dispersed throughout the cookie butter. You definitely get quite a few in every bite, but it isn’t pure crunchiness, whereas the Lotus is. These bits are dispersed throughout so there really is no difference between the crushed cookies and the spread. It’s reminiscent of eating pop rocks without the pop. Personally, it’s an odd sensation to me. I like the cookie butter to feel like cookie butter with the crunchiness as a nice surprise.

Now the creamy: Trader Joe’s cookie butter is super smooth but it’s also very thick, to the point it’s almost hard to work with. Think peanut butter when the oil has separated and all you have is the peanut paste. Not bad, but not the easiest thing to work with. Lotus, on the other hand, is much less thick (more like Jif peanut butter) but it is a little grainy.

In both cases, the Lotus had a much deeper, more gingerbready flavor than the Trader Joe’s did. Personally, I prefer the Trader Joe’s for the flavor and the texture. However, I certainly wouldn’t turn down a jar of the Lotus. It all depends on your personal preference. So what do you think? Crunchy or creamy and Lotus or Trader Joe’s?

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