Cookie Butter for Thanksgiving Dessert

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Personally, my favorite way to eat cookie butter is by the spoonful, straight out of the jar. Seriously. Give me a jar of crunchy cookie butter for Trader Joe?s and a glass of chardonnay, and I?m a happy camper. Unfortunately, not everyone feels this way and if you?re serving a nice dinner, it?s usually best to not give your guests jars of cookie butter for dessert. The good news is, you can get your cookie butter fix and serve a nice dessert to your loved ones. Here?s a list of amazing desserts you can serve on Thanksgiving:

  1. Biscoff mousse-
  2. Cookie butter cake-
  3. Cookie butter cake-
  4. Cookie butter crunch cups-
  5. Cookie butter macarons-
  6. Cookie butter pie with a cream cheese crust-
  7. Cookie butter pudding pie-
  8. Cookie butter pumpkin pie-
  9. Cookie butter truffles-
  10. No-bake speculoos pie-
  11. No-churn cookie butter ice cream-
  12. Pumpkin and cookie butter sheet cake with toasted meringue-
  13. Pumpkin biscoff Bundt cake-
  14. Pumpkin cheesecake cookie butter bars-
  15. Pumpkin spice cookie butter fudge-

As an added bonus, it?s hard to go wrong when serving cookie butter desserts with wine! Whether you offer red or white, your guests are sure to enjoy the surprisingly delicious pairing!

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