I’m so excited for this post because I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes that I finally get to share with you! The Sugar Vine is 9 months old this month and it has been an awesome ride so far. My goal with this blog is to share delicious, approachable recipes and wine pairings with you. I am going to continue to do that, but in a slightly different way. In order to really help you up your wine and dessert game, each month I am going to focus on one type of dessert. Yes, one. Why? We are going to dig into it and find the best places to buy it around Houston, talk about what kind of mixes and pre-made doughs are worth your money, and find the best recipes. We’re also going to find the absolute best wine pairing for that dessert. By the end of each month, I want you to feel totally ready to tackle the featured dessert and pair it with the perfect wine, whether it’s the one I recommend or one you pick out yourself. And please, share your pairings! I love hearing about the wines you love, desserts you make, and pairings you discover!

Now, let’s get started with our first monthly theme. This month, we’re covering chocolate chip cookies. They’re a delicious classic that you can’t go wrong eating during a quiet night on the couch or taking to a summer picnic. You can make the classic Nestle Tollhouse semi-sweet cookie, or you can go wild changing up the chocolate chips, adding frosting, or turning them into cakes. What other dessert gives you that many options with the exact same base?!

It’s also surprisingly easy to find wine pairing ideas online. With many desserts, there is a dearth of information on the internet, so you kind of have to fly blind when coming up with ideas. However, chocolate chip cookies are so fantastic there are a lot of people who have jumped on the wine and dessert pairing bandwagon. And that is so exciting! The three most common options I found online were cabernet sauvignon, syrah, and pinot noir. With so many people recommending these options, what could I do except try them out for you?

I didn’t love the syrah because I felt like the flavors in the wine were competing with the chocolate chip cookies. Pairings should enhance or complement each other, not compete, so I personally don’t recommend this option. The pinot noir, on the other hand, wasn’t bad. The cookies I used for the tasting had dark chocolate chips, and I felt like the wine mellowed the dark chocolate a good bit. They almost tasted like traditional semi-sweet cookies, so it definitely wasn’t a bad pairing. My favorite was the cabernet sauvignon. With both the dough (not that I would ever eat raw cookie dough) and the cookies, the pepper in the wine was really accentuated. I actually hadn’t noticed it that much until I tried it with the cookie. There wasn’t any underlying harshness, just good ol’ fashioned chocolate chip cookie and a nice, peppery cab.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy your chocolate chip cookies?



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