It may be hard to believe, but graduation season is upon us. This super busy, often emotional time of year is full of award ceremonies, parties, goodbyes, and planning for the future. I remember when I graduated from high school and college, I was both relieved that the tests, homework, and classes were over but I also felt very nostalgic about my time in school and didn’t want it to end. My mom also cried a lot.

Everyone associated with a graduate is busy- the parents, siblings, friends, and teachers are all trying to celebrate their success and deal with their emotions related to the graduate moving to the next stage in their lives. Any good graduation party needs dessert, but it’s hard to make a dessert while planning and hosting a party. Luckily, I have rounded up some great ideas for a graduation party dessert that require minimal work during the party and can be as simple or as extravagant as you choose to make them.

Make Your Own Sundae Bar
How cool is this? To put it together, you set out a variety of ice cream, toppings, and cones, and let the guests go to town. Your only work during the party is setting out the ice cream- everything else can be laid out in advance.


Candy Bar
I love candy bars. Why? Unlimited candy, of course. You can either set it up so guests can graze throughout the party or set out bags so everyone can fill one on their way out. You can also add in some miniature desserts, like mini cupcakes, cake pops, or truffles if you want a little more than candy.

Cupcake Bar
Who doesn’t love cupcakes? If you want to give guests a fun activity during the party, you can have them decorate their own cupcakes. Even adults will have fun trying to outdo each other with their creativity. If there are other activities going on, you can have a variety of cupcake flavors available for guests to choose from at their leisure, whether you made them yourself or picked them up from a bakery. Check out my cupcake post for some recommendations around Houston.

Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate fountains are amazing and so easy to manage during a party. Just lay out a variety of dippers, like marshmallows, fruit, and pretzels, and let your guests go to town. Your only job is to ensure the chocolate doesn’t run out. I will warn you, clean up can be a bit challenging.

Donut Bar
Donut towers and bars have been a thing for awhile now and are super awesome. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, a pile of donuts will make any guests’ eyes gleam.

Have you had any great graduation desserts? Let us know your picks for an easy, hands-off dessert!



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