img_1398 Halloween is one of the best days in a kid’s year. When else can you dress up, run around after dark, and get tons of candy from random strangers, then terrorize your parents while on a sugar high? At some point as you age, society starts frowning on you if you try to Trick-or-Treat on Halloween. But the fun doesn’t have to end! You still get to dress up and hand out candy (and eat it in between doorbell rings). You also get to drink wine with all the leftover (or steal from your kids’ stash)! There are lots of traditional Halloween candies that pair wonderfully with wine. Here are a few of my favorites:



  • Snickers with Sauvignon Blanc- I tried Snickers with several reds but I couldn’t find one I liked more than Sauvignon Blanc. You will probably think I’m insane, but the lightness of the Sauvignon Blanc really goes well with Snickers. There aren’t any particularly strong flavors in the wine to compete with the Snickers and the candy helps bring out the herbal notes in the Sauvignon Blanc. Call me crazy but I say it’s a winner!
  • Twix and Milk Duds with a red blend- I tried these with a Malbec, Merlot, and a red blend. By far, the red blend was the best. And it’s not because it was a sweet red- it was actually a full-bodied red blend with a very bold flavor but it worked really well with the candy. The wine didn’t change the flavor of the Milk Duds or the Twix, and the candy didn’t interfere with the wine. Several of the other candies caused some harshness at the end of the taste but not Twix or Milk Duds. They were smooth and delicious
  • Kit-Kat and Milky Way- I am generally not a giant fan of merlots, but I liked Milky Way and Kit-Kat with Merlot better than any of the other wines. They helped make the wine feel smoother and more drinkable.
  • Reese’s- The Malbec with the Reese’s was a pretty smooth combination. I think the peanut butter may have made the wine a little smoother and the flavors worked well together.

img_1408Fruity Candy

  • Starburst and Jolly Ranchers with Moscato- Starburst and Jolly Ranchers are so sweet and fruity, they are a little difficult to pair with wine, so I opted for a Moscato with these. The combination was super sweet but with a nice little sparkle on the tongue.
  • Candy corn and either Viognier or Moscato- These wines are so different and the candy so sweet you wouldn’t think you could pair them together but you can. The candy corn smoothed out some of the acidity in the Viognier, so there wasn’t any harshness but the flavors didn’t change too much. With the Moscato, the sugar in the candy corn interacts in an interesting way with the sugar in the wine. Either option will work!
  • Sour Patch Kids and Viognier- The wine helps tone down the sourness of the candy and the candy helps smooth the wine so it’s easy to drink.

img_1403Since everyone’s taste buds are different, I’ve included some links to the sites I used for research. There are lots of combinations, so keep tasting until you find your sweet spot!


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