I am overwhelmed with gratitude this year for all of the many blessings in my life. At the top of my grateful list is the opportunity to share my love for dessert and wine with others. This may sound simple, and even a little trivial, but there is so much wrapped up in this. I am fortunate enough to live in a country where I am allowed to freely share my opinions. I have reliable internet access to perform research, learn more about wines and desserts, and to share these things with others. I have a steady job and the security that goes with it, which allows me to bake, drink, and write to my heart?s content. My wonderfully supportive family and friends have always encouraged me to follow my dreams. They have posed in pictures, been written about, and tasted more desserts and wines than they probably wanted. They have also given their opinions freely, whether I agreed with them or not. I am so grateful for that because the different perspectives make this blog so much better.


So thank you to everyone who has eaten, drank, read, encouraged, argued, critiqued, appreciated, and loved me during this journey. I look forward to many years of eating, drinking, and sharing with you! I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. I hope you have many delicious desserts and lots of tasty wine today!


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