How to Solve Any Holiday Problem With Wine

Wine is basically a miracle worker. Any problem that comes your way can be solved by wine in sufficient quantities when used strategically. Here are three situations you’re likely to run into during the holidays and how to get out of them with the help of this helpful beverage.

You burn the food

We’ve all been there. You get distracted having a great time with your loved ones, and forget that you’ve got something in the oven. The next thing you know, the smoke alarm is going off, there are flames in the oven, and the turkey/casserole/bread/pie/entire meal is burnt to an unrecognizable crisp. The meal is ruined.

Or is it? If you have a stockpile of wine on hand, just open a few bottles and pour drinks for everyone. Then pretend like everything is fine while serving anything that hasn’t become a piece of charcoal. Once the wine takes effect, no one will notice the missing turkey. If they do, you can just pour them a little more wine and assure them it’ll be out soon. They’ll forget all about it soon enough.

If there’s not enough salvageable food to serve, it’s time for reinforcements. Either run to an open store and raid the prepared food section for an eclectic buffet, or call the closest restaurant for delivery (just make sure to tip well since they’re saving the day). Whichever way you go, keep the wine flowing, don’t have a meltdown, and everyone will agree that it was the best get together they’ve attended.

Once everyone’s gone, make sure to raise a glass to yourself for saving the day!

You have too much to do

It’s funny how a season that’s all about joy, love, celebrations, friends, and family can induce so. Much. Stress. We try so hard to do everything, be everywhere, and please everyone that the things we look forward to throughout the year become chores.

So what’s the solution? Pour yourself some wine. This will make literally every task on your list more enjoyable. Eight course meal to plan? Wine will help. After hours business event? Definitely need wine. Family road trip? Wine in a Yeti travels well (as long as you’re not driving). Mile long list of gifts to buy? Wine and The Sugar Vine’s shop will make that task a breeze! Expected at an obligatory event that makes the dentist sound like a good time? Put on your pjs, pour a glass of wine, and cancel. After all, you can’t drink and drive.

Your family is driving you crazy

We love our families. We really do. But there’s something about the combination of holidays and family that make us want to pull out our hair. When you absolutely cannot handle one more comment about how you let The One get away or question about when you’re going to have kids, lose weight, gain weight, get a promotion, or quit your job, what do you do?

You guessed it- pop the cork and pour a glass. Here’s why this works:

  1. You can’t answer questions while taking a sip. This buys you time to come up with a witty response that will also shut down any more intrusions.
  2. Wine is soothing. You’ll relax and be better prepared for any family craziness that comes your way.
  3. When you pour yourself a glass, other people will want their own. They’ll get distracted and forget all about whatever drama was going on at the time.

Wine is here to help you survive and thrive this holiday season. Just make sure to stock up ahead of time so you have plenty on hand anytime you need it. After all, wine can’t solve a problem if there’s none available. Cheers!


Please note, this article is intended to be fun and lighthearted. We in no way are advocating wine to be used as a solution to serious problems, nor do we encourage irresponsible consumption. If you are facing serious problems this holiday season, please take care of yourself and seek out appropriate help.

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