In my family, when it’s your birthday you get to pick the cake flavor. For years when I was a kid, all I wanted was lemon cake with lemon frosting. I don’t know where that came from, but that’s what I wanted and by golly, that’s what I got, even though no one else in my family wanted it. They didn’t mind too much, though, because by the time my birthday rolled around we had already had 3 cakes in the last 3 weeks and had another one to go two weeks later- my mom, 3 siblings, and I all have birthdays within a 6 week period, which means LOTS. OF. CAKE. So I essentially had a lemon cake to myself for years, which may explain why I still have a pretty intense sweet tooth.

One of my favorite things about spring is the lemon desserts that start popping up everywhere. As soon as the weather warms up, all the bakeries begin churning out lemon cake, cookies, tarts, and anything else you can dream of. It’s enough to make your mouth water just thinking about it!

While some people may disagree with me, I love lemon desserts with white wine, especially ones with higher acidity. If you’re very sensitive to acid, you may not love this combo, but if you love dishes and drinks that make your mouth pucker, these pairings are for you!

We’ve pulled together some of the most popular lemon desserts with our picks for perfect pairings. Check it out below and then let us know what you think- are these your perfect pairings or do you have others you prefer?