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Traveling Vineyard believes in trying wine before you buy it, so you?re never disappointed when you open a bottle. Need more of an incentive? Our wine tastings are free to host and we guarantee you will have a great time, learn something new, and discover delicious, new wines!

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The Sugar Vine has been demystifying the world of wine since 2016. Our mission is to help you discover your new favorite wines, food pairings, gifts, and accessories

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Want to learn more about the wine making process? Need ideas for wine and food pairings for your next gathering? Check out the blog for all things food and wine!

It’s a Mardi Gras Party!!!

Did Mardi Gras sneak up on anyone else this year???? I feel like it was Groundhog Day just yesterday and now Fat Tuesday is right around the corner! There are lots of places to celebrate this weekend with the stereotypical raucous parades and more family friendly...

American Presidents REALLY Love Wine

In honor of President's Day, here are 10 facts your probably don't know about our presidents and wine: Schramsberg could hold the unofficial title of favorite White House sparkling wine. Every president since Nixon has served it at least once.Presidents Jefferson and...

Wine, Chocolate, and Your Heart

Have you seen a big uptick in advertisements to get your heart checked, make sure you?re staying healthy, etc? That?s because February is American Heart Month. I don?t often get on a soapbox about health issues, but this one is really important because heart disease...

To Age or Not to Age

One of the biggest problems that casual drinkers and collectors alike face is wine going bad, whether you just bought and opened a bottle and there?s just something funky about it, or you?ve got a huge collection and can?t keep track of how old each bottle is. Since...

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