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At The Sugar Vine, we believe that exploring wine should be fun. This is a place to learn more about wine, make friends who share a common interest, and discover fun gifts for your favorite wine lover. Whether you’ve enjoyed wine for many years or you’re just starting your journey, you are welcome here.

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What We Do

We are here to support you in your wine journey, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve spent your life enjoying the wines of the world. We share articles on a variety of topics in wine, from reviews to food pairings, to hosting wine tastings. We also offer a curated selection of wine oriented gifts and home decor for yourself or your favorite wine loving friend.

Sizzling Summer

Whether you’re amping up your charcuterie game, redecorating the guest room, or planning the perfect picnic, we have the wine gifts and decor to heat up your summer! Just make sure to keep that wine cool!


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We love talking about wine and know you love reading about it! The blog features articles on all topics in wine and food pairing. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our articles and maybe expand your wine knowledge a little. Got a hot topic you want us to write about? Send us a message and we’ll see what we can do!

Sliding Into Summer Wine Pairings

Sliding Into Summer Wine Pairings

Summer is in full swing here in southeast Texas and, if it hasn’t gotten there yet where you’re at, it will be soon! When I think of summer, it’s all about hot days, sunshine, pool parties, outdoor concerts, and campfires. While we’re still adjusting to living with...

read more A Family of Wine Lovers A Family of Wine Lovers

Full disclosure- I originally joined in 2015 as the result of a promotional card in something I ordered. They offered me $100 worth of free wine- what was I supposed to do? After my first case of wine, I was impressed enough to become an Angel, the...

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Wine Tasting in a Time of COVID

Wine Tasting in a Time of COVID

Summer is calling and it wants you to enjoy yourself to the fullest! No matter what’s going on in my life, once June hits I want to take day trips, get outside, and enjoy the sunshine. And what’s better than spending an afternoon at your favorite winery, sipping on...

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Does the idea of pairing wine and food stress you out? Stumped for ideas on what to serve tomorrow night? Check out our guide for pairing ideas that are sure to please your palate!

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