The Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail is held every year in March and April at 7 host wineries in Texas. I was on the trail this past spring and went to Peach Creek Vineyards for the first time. I loved this place! The atmosphere was so chill and relaxed. The boyfriend and I tasted our yummy wines and then took a walk around the pond, through the vineyards, and checked out the guineas roaming the grounds. It had a rustic and relaxed vibe that I just loved. The employees were also great. The woman who served our wine was super sweet and really fun to talk to. To top everything off, the wine was delicious! We had 2 samples as part of the trail and we received bonus samples of a couple of their favorites, which were also great!

One of the wines offered on the trail is the Rodeo Red, which is a blend of Lenoir and Lomanto grapes. It’s slightly carbonated with a sweet, fruity taste. Initially I caught some cherry notes, but after it had been open awhile I started getting more raspberry and apple flavors. I would definitely describe the wine as jammy because it’s pretty fruit-forward.

I had the wine at room temperature and chilled. When drinking it alone, I preferred it very slightly chilled. It brought out the fruit flavors a little more than when it was at room temperature. Ice-cold dulls the flavors too much, so I recommend a short time in the refrigerator and then a few minutes on the counter to warm back up. It’s a very easy to drink wine, a little on the sweeter side but not overwhelmingly so. I had it by itself and with peanut butter bon-bons, but I can also see myself drinking it with a light chicken or fish dish. The Peach Creek Vineyards website says “there’s just no limit” to how this wine can be paired and I believe it.

I definitely look forward to trying more wines from Peach Creek Vineyards. I just wish I lived closer so I could go more often and check out some of their events!