Easter has always been a time for my family to gather, eat a lot of candy, have a special dinner and spend time together. A lot of families have special dinner traditions at Easter, often involving ham, lamb, mashed potatoes, and spring vegetables?and wine. The classic problem faced by hosts of any gathering, including Easter dinner, is what kind of wine to serve. Everyone enjoys different things and even if you try to find the perfect wines to pair with your menu, someone is going to want something other than what you served. So to make your life a little easier, here are 5 wines that will go well with many Easter dinner menus, please a variety of palates, and pair well with the Easter candy you steal from the kids? baskets. Don?t deny it- I know you?re doing it and I?m not judging.

My first pick for a great Easter dinner wine is pinot grigio. This is a very popular, refreshing white wine that is dry, acidic, and has citrus, apple, and honeysuckle flavors. This wine is easy to drink and pairs well with many kinds of food. In terms of dessert, try it with the malted milk ball eggs from the Easter basket.

Next up is another popular white wine, sauvignon blanc. This is another dry wine known for its strong citrus and herb flavors. The herbal notes in the wine will pair well with the herbs you use on the meat dishes with Easter dinner. The citrus pairs well with any kind of chocolate Easter candy, which will get just a hint of citrus flavor from the wine.

Ros? is another great option for Easter dinner, which is the traditional time to bring out the pink wine for those who drink wine seasonally. A hearty ros? can easily pair with some of the more dinner robust dishes. It?s also a good bet with malted milk balls.

Zinfandel is a great option to have on hand for the guests who will only drink bold reds. It pairs well with a number of spices and flavorful vegetables as well as a variety of meats. It also just so happens to taste great with mini Cadbury eggs.

Red blends often give you the best of all worlds. They take the good characteristics of two or more wines to make them easy drinking and versatile with many foods. This versatility extends to the Easter basket, where you can enjoy it with a chocolate bunny, caramel eggs, Cadbury mini eggs, and more.

I know what I?ll be serving at Easter dinner (and for dessert). What about you?

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