In case you haven?t heard, it is HOT! Summer is the time for pools, cold drinks, and ice cream, but 3 months of ice cream can get a little old, so I?ve rounded up a few great ideas for perfect summertime treats.

  1. For a really easy and seasonally appropriate dessert, try making strawberry shortcake. No baking is required for this simply delicious dessert, so you won?t heat up your house, and it?s ready in minutes.
  2. If the strawberry shortcake is too much work, how about cream cheese stuffed strawberries? The light, juicy strawberries balance the rich cream cheese filling for a treat that feels special even when you?re wilting in the heat.
  3. Berry pavlova is also a great option for a summer dessert. If you make it from scratch you will need to turn on the oven, but it?s worth it when you bite into the crunchy pavlova and juicy berries.
  4. Banana pudding is another great option that?s easy to put together and tastes refreshing. While you can make it more complicated, in its simplest form banana pudding is simply banana flavored pudding mixed with sliced bananas and layered with Nilla wafers.
  5. Jell-o is also a really fun summertime option. I know, I know, Jell-o is for kids but you can?t tell me you don?t love sneaking a star shaped Jell-o treat whenever you make them for the kids? snack. When it?s 100 degrees outside, embrace the child in you and have some Jell-o.

What?s your favorite summer treat?

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