There are two things in life that are perfect for almost any situation: dessert and wine. What do your friends bring over after to celebrate a victory or commiserate over a break-up? Dessert and wine. How do you finish off the perfect meal? Dessert and wine. What do you have at a big, fun party? Dessert and wine.


These two things are so incredibly versatile and delicious, yet many people don’t believe you should have them together. I am here to tell you that’s not true. Dessert and wine can pair beautifully together, you just need the right flavors. And it’s not complicated- you don’t need to know a lot about food chemistry or wine, you just need to follow your taste buds. The key is to find complementary flavors in the wine and dessert, and to make sure you’re not drinking a really heavy, dark wine with a light, fluffy dessert. Mistakes like these are the reason wine and dessert pairings have such a bad rap. The wrong pairing can taste “like hot trash in your mouth,” to quote a friend; but the right pairing can make your taste buds sing.

No wine and dessert

I am here to help you remove this food block and open up a wonderful new world of eating and drinking. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Recipes for delicious desserts (with pairing recommendations)
  • Dessert and wine from around the world
  • Reviews- wine, products, books, wine clubs, etc.
  • Interviews with pastry chefs, winemakers, and more!
  • Information on food and wine chemistry- not because you need it but because it’s fun!
  • Ideas for handling extra wine and treats
  • Storing wine
  • Tips and how-tos


Make sure to follow The Sugar Vine on this exciting and delicious adventure!



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