Welcome to The Sugar Vine’s Wine & Dessert Gift Guide! This is the place where we compile our favorite gift ideas. The guide is updated throughout the year at major gift giving times (Valentine’s Day, graduation, Christmas,etc.) so there is always something new and fun to check out for your wine and dessert loving friends!
(Please note, there are some affiliate links on this page. This means that I may earn a small commission if you click on one of the links and make a purchase. This is no way affected my choice of items to include here.)

For the Home

We love finding and testing new items to add to our home that make drinking wine and eating dessert even more enjoyable! Here are some great products we’ve found around the web:

  • Coravin This bad boy is the dream wine preserver. It works so well that restaurants are able to use this to serve rare wines by the glass, when previously they were only able to sell it by the bottle because of the risk of spoilage. I don’t have one yet (maybe for my birthday?!) but I’ve seen it demonstrated and read enough reviews to be confident that it’s worth every penny.
  • Private Preserve This wine preserver is not nearly as sexy as the Coravin, but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in function. I’ve been using it pretty much since I started The Sugar Vine (read my review here) and I still love it. It took me about a year of pretty heavy usage to go through a pack of two and it saved so many bottles of wine I can’t even tell you. I am now on my 3rd 2 pack and I will keep buying these when I run out. While the results can vary, I have had quite a few bottles of wine last a good month!
  • Folding Wine Table I love the idea of a romantic wine picnic, but the ground can be uneven, wine can spill, and then it becomes a mess. Maybe funny, but definitely a mess. This table has space for a bottle of wine, glasses, and food. Plus, it folds into its own case, which makes it easy to toss in the car and go!
  • Stemware Server How great is this server?! So many glass/bottle holders aren’t very practical but this one’s perfect.
  • Wine Barrel Lazy Susan Lazy susans are so useful and I love the style of ones made out of wine barrels.
  • Wine Cork Cage It’s cute and fun, plus it’s functional when you’re saving your wine corks for a craft project.
  • Wine Cork Lazy Susan Kit A friend of mine has one of these and it is super cute! Plus, lazy susans are so handy!
  • Wine Decanter Globe For those times when you need a wine decanter, a globe, and a ship in a bottle all at once!
  • Baking towels These fun towels are perfect for the baker in your life
  • Cupcake Corer This little guy looks unassuming but he completely changed my baking game. You just insert it into the center of a cupcake, twist, and pull. Voila! You have a perfect hole for yummy fillings!
  • Marble Rolling Pin Marble is a great material for baking tools and it’s pretty, too
  • Marble Pastry Board I love this pastry board for both it’s style and functionality. Just beware- it is heavy!
  • Shower wine glass You never know when this might come in handy
  • Stemless wine glasses These are almost too pretty to use
  • Wine tumblers Perfect when you need to take your wine on the go