Happy Halloween! Are you trick or treating, handing out candy, or hanging out drinking wine and eating candy tonight? I’m multitasking and doing the 2nd and third options. If you need some ideas, check out this handy pairing graphic from Traveling Vineyard.

Now, let?s get down to business. Even though we?re celebrating Halloween tonight, it?s also time to start thinking ahead to Thanksgiving. It?s less than a month away and there is A LOT to do before it gets here. You may need to coordinate schedules with friends and family, get last minute tasks out of the way at work, buy food, cook food, find something to wear, pack for a trip?the list goes on. Something that often gets overlooked until the last minute is buying wine, even though this should really be at the top of the list. Maybe you just forget about it until the last second or you dread trying to find a wine that will please everyone and procrastinate, but this year YOU WILL HAVE THE PERFECT WINE WITH NO STRESS! Yes, I promise it can be done! You just need a little help, and that?s where I come in.

The first thing to decide is how much wine you need. Are you letting others do the cooking and just need some nice hostess gifts, or are you in charge of the whole shebang? If you?re just doing hostess gifts you have a little more leeway on what to bring. A nice bottle of cabernet sauvignon or a merlot is great for a host who can crack open the bottle after the guests leave and reward themselves with a nice glass of wine in front of the fire (and some leftover chocolate pie!). If your host prefers a sweeter wine, I highly recommend Traveling Vineyard?s Fissata Blonde. This girl is fun and fizzy but not so sweet that it feels heavy and makes your already full stomach feel like it?ll burst. Pro tip: To save yourself some stress (and money on shipping) go ahead and order all of the wine you need for gifts now, rather than ordering as the events come up. Take a look at your calendar, see what you already have planned, get a bottle for each, and then add a few extra for events that come up unexpectedly or for when you need an emergency gift.

If you?re in charge of the wine for Thanksgiving, count up the number of expected guests and then plan for each (over 21) guest to have about half a bottle. If you know you have heavy or light drinkers coming, adjust accordingly. Next you have to decide on the wine. There is nothing wrong with getting a variety and letting everyone pick their own pairing. This is especially good for big groups with lots of different palates and for casual gatherings. Traveling Vineyard makes this super easy with pre-selected bundles. Just choose one with the number of bottles you need, pop it in your cart, and you?re done! Just make sure to order by November 19th for Thanksgiving delivery.

If you?re looking for one super versatile, super stellar wine to serve with dinner, go with a Viognier. This wine is THE BEST option for Thanksgiving. It?s crisp, acidic, and just so happens to pair well with everything from turkey to stuffing to pumpkin pie. You will not be sorry if you serve this with Thanksgiving dinner. You may actually receive an award from your family, even the judgey ones.

So go ahead and order your wine with confidence, and cross off one of the many to dos off your list!

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