Hello, hello! Can you believe it?s already the end of October?! I feel like it was just September and it?s almost time to start planning Thanksgiving! Since we?re quickly approaching the time of year when we?re all pulled in a million directions, I?d like to share a few items with you to help make your life in the world of wine a little easier. If you get ahold of these items now, you?ll feel much less frazzled later.

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Wine glasses

I?m not going to judge if you drink wine from a coffee mug or a red solo cup, but if you?re the type who is picky about glasses, definitely make sure you have plenty of wine glasses on hand. I have always loved having theme dishes for holidays, and Thanksgiving and Christmas glasses are no exception.

Stemless wine glasses are a good option for get togethers because they?re less likely to break. If you?ve ever set a traditional wine glass down a little too hard, you know what I mean. The stem can also catch on counters or other dishes and cause a catastrophe.

I know these aren?t wine glasses, but I love them and they can multitask without anyone batting an eye. Drink wine, soda, tea, or water out of them while enjoying the fun fall leaves.

If you?d rather have some options that are good year-round,

Wine glass charms

Seriously, unless you love washing wine glasses, get some wine charms! Preferably a lot in a variety of styles and colors.

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