Happy Texas Wine Month! This exciting month deserves to be celebrated, and what better way is there to celebrate than to go to a wine festival featuring wineries from all over Texas? The Autumn Art and Texas Wine Festival was held this past weekend in Old Town Spring, which is a super cute area north of Houston with lots of shops and restaurants.

The festival featured wines from 11 wineries from around Texas. I had been to some of the wineries before on the Bluebonnet Wine Trail, so I focused on tasting wines from places I hadn’t been and wineries that weren’t from the Houston area. It was hard to choose which wines to try, since you only get seven tickets with the entrance fee, but luckily the boyfriend was with me, so it was like having 14. There’s a small chance I insisted on trying his wine, too- for research purposes, of course. I found some really good wines, and some that weren’t my cup of tea but probably made others quite happy.

The first samples we tried were from Perrine Winery. We tried the Zombie Walk, a semi-sweet light white wine, and Milano Sunset, a blackberry infused merlot. I’m not a fan of Merlot, but I’ll drink it any day when it’s infused with blackberry! Both wines were big winners to us, and we wound up taking home a couple bottles.

Next, we hit up Texas SouthWind Vineyard and Winery. The samples we tried were the Black Spanish Estate and the red raspberry fruit wine. The Black Spanish was good, not quite as dry as I expected but still drier than a lot of Texas wines, and rather tart. The red raspberry had a wonderful, raspberry smell and was very refreshing but not overly sweet. It wasn’t exactly like eating a bowl of raspberries, but it was pretty close.

Maydelle Country Wines by far had the most unique wine. They had three options, all fruit wines- lemon, lime, and tropical express, which is made from pineapple. I had never heard of lemon and lime wine, so it was an interesting experience. I had no idea what to expect from either sample, but they were pretty true to the fruits they came from. There was a good bit of sugar in the lemon wine, which kept it from being too sour. The Tropical Express evoked a hot summer day on the beach with a sweet, fruity cocktail.

At Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards we tried All My Xs and Blanc du Bois. We were in the mood for light, sweet wines because it was a warm, sunny day and these fit the bill just right. Both were made from grapes grown in Texas.

Red Road Vineyard had five wines available to sample and we opted for the Las, which is a blush, and the Chocolate Lac Rua. I never quite know what to expect from a blush, because they vary so much from dry to sweet, but Las was a nice, sweet blush with a lot of fruit flavors. The Chocolate Lac Rua was pleasantly chocolatey and smooth- not a wine I would drink every day, but definitely a good one to have in the collection.

Pleasant Hill Winery is one I’ve been to before on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail, but I really enjoyed the wines we had on the trail and wanted to try some of their other options. I tried the Collina Bianca, which was described as a tangy white- and they were right! The boyfriend tried the Tawny Rosso Forte, which is a port-style wine. I’m not a fan of ports, but this was really good. You could tell it was made in the port-style but the chocolate, pecan, and walnut flavors really shone.

Last but not least, we tried the Scarlett and Sweet Peach meads from Griffin Meadery. Neither of us is a mead connoisseur, so we really didn’t know what to expect. Both samples were good, but I would like to learn more about mead so next time I know a little better what to expect.

There were also a number of Texas artisans and food vendors. I loved being able to walk around and check out the art and crafts, and sample food while drinking wine. I’ve been to festivals where all you could do was drink and that’s just not as much fun. The festival was held close to the Old Town Spring shops, so we walked around those after we finished sampling.

To finish off the day, we had a lovely dessert of cherry strudel from one of the festival vendors and the Zombie Walk wine from Perrine. All in all it was a pretty fun day and I would recommend the festival to anyone in the Houston area. There is another wine and art festival in Old Town Spring in the spring, which I’ll definitely try to attend!