We are very excited to announce a new feature for you this year: wine reviews! You asked, we listened, and the first wine review will go live on Thursday. Future reviews will be published on Tuesday and Thursday each week, with wines pulled from a variety of varietals, regions, and styles. We will do our very best to be as objective as possible, but always keep in mind that wine reviews are inherently subjective. The factors we will analyze include all of the characteristics we covered in our wine tasting series, including the color, smell, taste (including structural characteristics), and a final evaluation discussing balance, length and finish, complexity, and flavor intensity. The star rating will be based on the final evaluation, with 5 stars meaning the wine scores well on all factors, 4 stars meaning it scored well on 3 of the factors, and so on.

The ratings will also include basic information about the wine- what kind it is, where it’s from, and where you can get it for yourself. We will also include pairing suggestions for each wine.

We encourage friendly discussion of the wines and ratings, always keeping in mind that everyone’s palate is different, so we will have different opinions of some wines. That’s what we love so much about doing this and we hope it will be fun for you as well!