Lucky Foods for the New Year

We all know the “proper” drink for New Year’s is champagne- a toast at midnight and then mimosas for brunch. What you eat for New Year’s is also important. Different cultures around the world have traditions surrounding foods to eat on New Year’s Day for health and...

20 Delicious Ways to use Leftover Halloween Candy

Some people may dread November 1st because that?s when they (or their kids) will want to eat all the candy in the house. I look forward to it because?I get to eat all the leftover candy. If you?re like me, the beginning of November is great- there?s the leftover candy at your own house, there?s the candy people take to work to get it away from their kids, there?s the discounted candy at the grocery store?life is good. But if you fear your kids on yet another candy fueled sugar high, don?t worry. I have a round-up of some of the best recipes to use up the leftover Halloween candy. Make a couple of these recipes and you won?t have another piece of candy to contend with, and you?ll have some great desserts to eat at home or share with friends!