Small Olive Wood Cheese Board


This beautifully crafted piece is the perfect platform for your next charcuterie board. The wood comes from non-producing olive trees, whose twisted trunks create the distinctive swirling patterns in the wood. Each piece is made from a single piece of wood, creating a seamless, unique item. The wood is very durable for every day use, as well as non-porous.

  • Materials: Olive Wood
  • Origin: Tunisia
  • Care: Hand wash and polish with food safe oil
  • Dimensions: Approximately 13.8″ long and 7.8” wide. Measurements are taken at the widest and longest points on the dish and may vary slightly due to natural variations in the shape of the wood.
  • Please note: Subtle differences in size, shape, and color occur because of the natural grain of the wood.

About the Maker

Our beautiful olive wood products are created by a family-owned business in New York, founded in 2012 by two brothers who learned to carve the trunks of olive trees as children in Tunisia. They craft the products from non-productive olive trees, maintaining the distinctive swirling patterns created by the trees’ trunks.

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